Hearing Problems - Common Types And Basic Treatments

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The problem of hearing loss is most commonly associated with old age. However, it has been noticed that even children and healthy adults can suffer from this hearing loss. In most cases, until the problem gets severe people are unaware of hearing problems. Pittsburgh (PA), Dormont (PA), and Bethel Park (PA) are some of those places in US where numerous cases of hearing losses come up every year.

There are 3 primary reasons of hearing losses:

1.Sensorineural: Sometimes also known as "Nerve Deafness", this problem happens when nerves inside the ear (cochlea) fails to transmit sensory perception to the brain. This might be due to hereditary reasons, side effect of certain medications or even head injuries. Too much exposure to loud noise or even viral infection caused by measles, meningitis or mumps can cause this type of deafness.

2.Conductive: This issue happens when anything is wrong with the outer or the middle ear. Conductive deafness happens due to head injury, congenital defects like otosclerosis or even infection.

3.Mixed: This is a combination of the previous 2 types of deafness. Mixed hearing loss can be sudden or gradual and in some cases due to unknown causes. Normally when there is any sort of injury caused either to the inner or the middle ear or even the auditory nerve system this kind of deafness may happen.

Although hearing loss is common amongst old people, it is good to have the knowledge of how to prevent such problems. Here are some of the ways to prevent this problem:

1. Unhealthy food habits or diets are a major factor in hearing loss at a young age. Food rich in omega-3 acids and fish oil can help delay or prevent problems related to hearing. Other healthy nutrients in food that can help in hearing loss prevention are Vitamin b9 and Folic Acid. Folate rich food like spinach, turnip, and asparagus can also help a lot in deafness prevention.

2. Deafness due to noise pollution can be prevented by heavy intake of a combination of Vitamin C, A, and E. Another element that can help in preventing this disease would be magnesium. Most Pittsburgh residents, amongst others in US have started consuming more vitamin and minerals rich food to help prevent hearing issues with their ears.

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Hearing Problems - Common Types And Basic Treatments

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This article was published on 2010/12/20